Health Diagnostic Imaging and Therapy Bioresonance System

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Health Diagnostic Imaging and Therapy Bioresonance 17D-NLS System

Professional Edition, completely different from the standard NLS version, faster, more test site, higher accuracy, more competitive, more features. Step-by-step video training with instruction manual and online support provides your successful start.

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17D-NLS Machine (English)
17D-NLS Machine, Multi-Language €3,485.00
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17D-NLS Machine (English) with Laptop

17D-NLS Machine with Laptop, Multi-Language €4,985.00

  • ∙ Medicomat® Medical Automat Series * THE WORLD’S BEST HEALTHCARE APPARATUS
  • ∙ EVERYONE Can be Healthy with Medicomat Diagnostic Therapy Computer System
  • ∙ Make your laptop helpful – use Medicomat Quantum Technology to check and repair your health.
  • ∙ Step-by-step video training with instruction manual and online support provides your successful start.
  • ∙ Note: This machine comes with or without Laptop; Software languages: English (NLS4021-17D) or Methapathia 3 Vector Multi-Language (44 languages). To insure our machine work perfect, we sell it with computer which has all the software. Read more at and view product video at

Now anyone can try Medicomat quantum bioresonance before buying their own device.
Just send a biological ID and you will receive a health report.

The Medicomat-39 17D-NLS quantum bio-resonance hardware-software system is a very useful analysis procedure, and it based on express estimation of the human organism status, which is based on registration of changes in 1000 body organs and histologic structures, as well as providing the prognosis of treatment stages and possible complications.

17D-NLS can be used by anyone who is interested in quickly and effectively examining the health of their clients, friends, family or employees. By using a computer driven instrument in a safe, noninvasive, painless, and effective way, information is displayed about subtle changes to the stress in the body and thus, provides a means to regulate these concerns.

The ultimate goal will be to help you increase relaxation, relieve pain, and develop healthier, more comfortable life patterns, while enhancing both the function and performance using the physiological signals of the body.

NLS4021-17D Multifunctionality: Bioresonance NLS Meta Therapy, Bacterial Therapy, Phytotherapy, Stone Therapy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture Therapy, Aura Therapy, Chakra Therapy, Preparation Making, Recognizing bacteria, viruses, allergens, foods, supplements, pharmaceuticals.

Medicomat NLS employs a treatment method designed to strengthen the body and enhance the body’s natural recovery to health. The results can be obtained in the form of visual images with the topography of the affected area, as well as graphical features, which allow us to see distress to body tissue. NLS analysis is 90% accurate because the program allows the operator to research locally and in detail.

Compared to other devices on the market, the Medicomat NLS appears to be the most user friendly device that provides exemplary accuracy. With its ease of simplicity, it is designed to be used by anyone who takes a proactive approach and strives for good health and well-being. Read more at and view product video at


Medicomat-36 7D-NLS


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Medicomat Desktop
Hunter 4025

Hunter 4025
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Health Diagnostic Imaging and Therapy 4021-17D Bioresonance System

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