Prostate Acupuncture Therapy at Home

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Prostate Acupuncture Therapy at Home


Electronic Acupuncture Curing Apparatus, medicomat336.php and Medicomat Simple Home Cure. Only takes 30 minutes to complete the body of 16 kinds of 3D simulation CT scans detect for quick analysis and evaluation of health status. Can be detected with 12 systems of the human body tissue changes then comparison the scanning range up to 300 si more.

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  • ∙ Medicomat® Medical Automat Series * THE WORLD’S BEST HEALTHCARE APPARATUS
  • ∙ Everyone Can be Healthy with Medicomat Acupuncture Therapy
  • ∙ Easy to use – only press one key for treatment. You can see the therapy effect only one course of the treatment (10 times)
  • ∙ Household usage, portable and small size * non-invasive, no side effect, no trauma.
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Medicomat-35 prostate microcurrent therapy device is a new high tech product that is developed on the basis of modern medicine and clinical practice. Medicomat-35 treatment instrument offers the result through the combination of the electronic pulse and acupoint treatments. A household physiotherapy device, small size, intelligent design, easy operation and convenient carrying. The prostate therapy device applies the high-energy pulse current to act on the acupoint that is near to the focal zone. Designed for body meridian dredging, the prostate therapy device has cyclic pulses. Those pulses, when irradiating the acupoint,will stimulate to speed up the movement of the biochemical molecules. The high-speed movement will lead to the muscle contraction and promote the metabolism.

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