Tinnitus Treatment at Home

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Tinnitus Treatment at Home


Medicomat-24 Ear and Wrist Type Laser Therapy – Ear probe: For the Otitis media, deafness, tinnitus, Meniere·s syndrome, around 1 month treatment, it can be improved a lost. Around 3 months treament, the patient situation will have a big improvement. Around half a year treatment, it will have a improvement than before.

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The sole wrist device on the market that provides a semiconductor low level laser for Ear and Wrist type therapy and health care. The Medicomat-24 device applies a low level 650nm wavelength laser. Our instrument utilizes explicit irradiation to change biological characteristics and remove fat layer/cholesterol from red blood cells, thereby improving the activity, deformability, and oxygen carrying capacity of cells to reduce the concentration of middle molecules in the bloodstream. The Ear probe treatment range: Otitis media, Deafness, Tinnitus, Meniere’s syndrome. The Wrist treatment range: blood pressure, cholesterol, fat, sugar, viscosity, inflammation and swelling, cell activity and bloodstream, the immune system, flow and circulation, oxygen carrying capacity. Performance: 1. Purify the blood; 2. Smooth the blood flow; 3. Protect the brain and nourish the heart. 4. Above 90% therapeutic effect with positive trial report provided.

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