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Now anyone can try Medicomat quantum bioresonance before buying their own device.
Just send a biological ID and you will receive a health report.

Remote Quantum Health Test at Home
Testing and Therapy for the Entire World

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Quantum Health Test and Whole Body Examination
With a Detailed Report
  €129  €70.00

  • ∙ Now Everyone Can be Healthy with Medicomat Quantum Remote
  • ∙ Diagnosis and treatment worldwide, as if that client from 1000 km away is sitting at our desk
  • ∙ Only client’s biological ID (personal details) is needed in the remote mode
  • ∙ Discover more about your health and wellness from the comfort of your own home with our range of at-home health tests
  • ∙ We will email the reports to you within just 2 days from the date your ID is received to QuantumLab

Welcome to the Quantum Universe, where there is no time and space just a quantum field, in which your unique biological ID also emits a signature frequency to be picked up anywhere in the world for remote testing and treatment.

Your test results provide information on how well your organs and hormones are functioning. Find out whether you may have a virus or bacteria, what is your the complete blood count, which organs have weakened or become diseased, whether any disease will occur in the next 3-5 years, what foods are good for you and what foods to avoid, what are you allergic to.

Our test is a safe, reliable and non-invasive energy-based test that uses biological ID to assess the health of a wide range of body organs. This full body assessment has been designed exclusively for woman/man of all ages (and for children), looking at what might be affecting vitality, balance, and healthy aging.

The health test does not make a medical diagnosis, nor is it intended to substitute for professional medical advice. The technique is non-invasive and is not linked with any potential side effects. The equipment used is MEDICOMAT Quantum Remote Bioresonance System. Testing is carried out in a variety of locations worldwide.



Vector NLS4021-17D

Medicomat 4025 Hunter

  Remote 4025 Hunter

Mobile Hunter 4025

Metatron Hospital
Apply for a remote health checkup and full body scan at home

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